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September 4, 2013


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Gimme Your OCs!

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 4, 2013, 12:54 AM
Drawing OCs

Hello lovelies!

I was wondering, could you all drop your pretty lil' OCs down in the comment box for me? With proper references and a lil' backstory about 'em?

I'd like to start collecting OCs that i can pick from at random when i'm bored to draw! :love:

If i do end up drawing your purty lil' thang i'll contact you later. c: If your OC is a girl and is super purty then i'm even more inclined to draw her <3 Of course, if you post your OC, this means that you give me the go-head to draw them with complete artistic freedom! (I promise i won't embarrass your OC, and all art is absolutely SFW.) Tell me a little bit about 'em so i can get to know them and draw them even better. ^_^

Anyway, post away! (:


Donations have now been closed!

We officially passed the halfway point, having raised $520.50 in total! I am closing the donation link so i can request the check and finish up gifts! Thanks again, everyone!!!
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Pirokun91 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Arkulus Blackhorn

Arkulus Blackhorn is the older twin brother of Artemis Blackhorn, aka Sonic Scream. Much like Artemis, he was a foalhood friend of the princesses, and likewise had been engaged to Princess Luna. However, her descent into madness, transformation into Nightmare Moon, and subsequent banishment to the moon effectively ended their engagement. He was rather aimless afterwards, mainly travelling about Equestria, getting lost in himself much like his younger brother.

Arkulus' talents lie in the art of theater and stage performance. His cutie mark, a form of the Comedy and Tragedy theater masks, was earned after putting on a surprisingly elaborate stage show in canterlot with some local fillies and colts, including his brother. He carries himself with great poise and importance, able to draw attention like his brother, but with much more subtlety.

His relationship with Artemis is very much a big brother/little brother one, despite the incredibly small age difference. At times, they appear to be polar opposites, mainly stemming from personality, but at other times are so in synch they seem to share a mind, even doing the typical twin quirks of saying the same thing simultaneously or finishing each other's sentences.

Arkulus has very sophisticated taste, acting much like one would expect royalty to act. However, he also has a rather arrogant streak from this, at times carrying a "holier than thou" attitude due to his very refined tastes. Despite this, he still has ways to keep himself grounded, and is quick to humble himself when he knows he's been proven wrong. He also has a sense of mentorship to him, immediately latching to anypony who shows interest in the arts, and teaching them everything he possibly can, while giving them all the encouragement possible, like an overly-enthusiastic art teacher, if you will. But all of this hides an inner isolation and pain that he carries with him, and has carried for centuries, seemingly stemming from Luna's downfall. Why this is, he refuses to say, preferring to keep it a secret. This ignoring of personal issues is one of the more unfortunate traits he shares with his brother.
Pirokun91 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Forgot to mention this: same note from Artemis applis to Arkulus, plus any of my other OCs I post XD
Pirokun91 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a few OCs, actually. At least this isn't a demand to be met right away, so of course this can all be done at your leisure ^_^

Sonic Scream/Artemis Blackhorn

Sonic Scream (born Artemis Blackhorn) is the younger twin brother of Arkulus Blackhorn. He is also a foalhood friend of the Princesses, Celestia and Luna. When they came of age, he and Celestia were betrothed, with Sonic Scream prematurely undergoing the process to become an alicorn (he had been born a pegasus). However, he had (and still does, to a degree) a bad habit of flirting with other mares and, when he couldn't get it under control, the engagement to Celestia was ultimately ended.

Sonic Scream's talent lies in music, mainly singing. His cutie mark is a series of soundwaves, and he earned it in his singing lessons as a foal, reaching high notes that shattered glass. As he got older, he learned to channel it into a piercing scream, which has become a sort of trademark of his singing style, which evokes frontmen like David Lee Roth or Steven Tyler, though having professional training means he is capable of a variety of styles. His looks scream Glam/Hair Metal reject XD He has a sense of swagger and style that almost guarantees he'll attract attention, even in a place such as Equestria.

Personality-wise, he tries to be a nice stallion. Friendly, confident, at times surprisingly philosophical. However, being the younger brother (even if by a span of just minutes), he tended to be doted on, especially by his mother. As a result, he often has difficulty facing personal problems, more often than not ignoring them, downplaying them, or straight out denying they exist, usually losing himself in loud rock n roll, mares, and wild parties. He is also at times painfully naive of certain issues, which makes it all the more frustrating when he shows himself capable of understanding some things, yet not applying it to a similar issue or not getting a more simple one. But give him credit; he's great fun, and at least tries to help others if able.

NOTE: I am SO looking forward to what ideas you have in mind. I strongly encourage you to use your artistic freedom. I went with the zebra design mainly because I thought a full-color coat was boring, so you can use anything you wish, design-wise. Also, rule 63 is a friend of mine, so if you want to make him a pretty mare, go for it! I wanted him to look kinda androgynous, anyway XD
Anira-the-Fox Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
I don't know if you still like to listen some OC-story's, but oh well, here we go!
(don't slap me for broken english, english isn't my native language ;_;  )

Lets talk about my main OC, Anira.
The Starworld by Anira-the-Fox

She is a shy but very kind person and always wants to help. She even is a cry baby, but if she wants to do something, she gave evertyhing she has to do it. She is very loyal to her friends. She loves to get hugged or pet. Anira thinks always first about other, her things comes last. She only gets a little bit selfish, if its about things she loves overall (like her future boyfriend Arkon, Arkon belongs to Airin-the-Fox).  You can make her happy with plush's or candy's. She loves fancy stuff, why she wears so much accesoires. Bows and stars are her favourite. Her bigges dream is to have wings someday cause she likes them very much and want to fly aswell (she even has wing-accesoire, which she wears sometimes)

Background/Story n Stuff:
She is a Star-Unicorn, that means she is from the Star-World (a world I (and my best friend Airin-the-Fox) made up together). A Starpony has Star-powers. Star-Unicorns can create little sparkle-stars and/or having healing power. It depends on what kind of letters they have on their horns. Star-Pegasus have shiny-glittering tails (looks kinda like mini-milkyways) and/or the power of healing wind. Earth ponys have the same like Pegasus, but those shiny-glitter happens when their running and on the ground. (sorry, I didn't made up yet how their healing-power works qq). Every star pony has glitter in their tails, which looks pretty cute, when their wiggle their tails. But after every 100 years (the time in the Starworld goes faster than on Equestria), the star-power slowly starts to vanish. A Star-Pony don't die literally, but without the power, they falling asleep and transform into a little star, where a new star-pony will born (it's only a miracle, when they can remember their live before). But to avoid this fate, a star-pony get choosed a pony from equestria. Their task is now to make friends with them. Only when they become friends (it even works with love), the starpony can earn new star-power from this pony, even if ponys from equestria don'thave them literally. Sadly after this progress, the Starpony has to return immediate back to the starworld. They only can enter the Earthworld after every 100 years. Beside... they want to stay their. When they get the permission of the Queen (yes, the Starworld has a Queen, not a princess), they can enter the Earthworld and become a normal Pony. Not everything will vanish, the healing power will stay and their glitter-tails aswell. The rest depends on how strong the magic was in the first place.

If there a re still some questions open about Star-Pony's, you may ask!

About Anira, she even is now on here 100 year and have to go Equestria. She got choosed to a Pegasus stallion, Arkon his name. Since he has three more siblings, it was a little bit hard for her to get into it (cause shyness) but she manage to do it. There were many things happening while she stayed on Equestria, but the time came, when her power were near to be at their end. She tried to stay as long as possible, since she fall in love in Arkon (and he aswell in her). sadly both of them didn't told about their love (anira wasn't even sure, what those feelings are, since even if starponys can love, it is nothing normal for the starworld itself) and they made the process. Anira had to go back... and maybe, someday, they can meet again~


Sorry that the last part sounds a little bit slippy. I have to think about so much in this story and dreaming about to animate it someday ;w; (already learning it!)
So yeah... I still hope you liked it, I love to talk about my OC's :meow:
The-Sleepy-Prince Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Silly Circus…
Silly is a fun loving silly pony. She while looks very clowny has a very very big fear of clowns. She hates the sound of crying and tries to make everyone laugh and smile. This is because inside she's just a very sad little pony pretending to be happy
The-Sleepy-Prince Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No longer fears clowns
ruby290930 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013   General Artist
this is based of a game charter i really like it a game called tomb raider main character name lara croft she similar to daring doo the book rainbow dash read while she was in the hospital here is the episode… lara does not wear a hat

lara crofts personality  she tough dose not let anything stand in her way of what she wants shes an adventurer
she and archeologist so that means she loves to travel loves history
her story is she has a father named richard croft  he was an archeologist and did many travels in his day ritcard was raiding a tomb and he just vanished
when lara  around age 8 her and her mother amelia where fly over the nepal  there was a storm a lightning bolt hit the planes wing and sent the plane crashing they found shelter when lara was helping amelia  find something for the fire she touch some sort of sword in a block of stone when he mom saw what was happening
she rushed to lara her mom pulled the sword and vanishes. now back to the future lara gose searching for amelia. during the search  her for her mom she found out that her mom did not  vanished to avolon but to helheim as she gather infomation on helheim she when lara finds her mother who stands at the edge of the cliff, looking into a blue, ghostly void. lara calls out to her only to see that when amelia turns around, she's become a thrall. Part of amelia still exists, but half of her is a zombie creature. Lara is filled with fear and disbelief as Amelia starts walking toward her. She says that her mother is dead and that she died a long time ago, that the thrall she sees is not her mother. As Amelia gets closer,lara shoots her several times, sending her backward into the void. lara bids one last farewell to her mother before departing.

 im not really good at describing lara looks so here are some references
these link are from her first games around 1996-97……

this is her from tomb raider legend…

this is her from tomb raider angel of darkness
this is the only outfit from the game i liked…

there you go i hope you can get to it
you can do all the outfit on one of them
its up to you
RawrKanx3 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013…

She's a shy pegasus. Her parents died when she was young, so there's not much for her to remember. She was always a quiet pony when she was little, always hiding behind her aunt. Because of that difficulty of making friends, she got stuck to fairy tails and even started to make her own. She wanted to live in her own world, and when her aunt got her a book with white pages, that's when she started to share all her imagination.
She grew up and started to be more social. She's still shy, but once you get to know her she gets more and more confident about chatting with you. She's a big dreamer and sentimental pony. She loves to feel loved and her worst fear is to be left alone, or feeling lonely. 
WonderGlow Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist…

Here is mine ^^

You can read about her in the description, but some small info:

* She is NOT a princess. I created her back in '08-'09. Read more in the description.
* She love the winter and to play in the snow
* She loves to sit inside cuddling up in the sofa wrapped in a blanket with a cup of tea or hot chocolate
* She loves animals and has three cats (to be updated in the pic)
* Has a special some-pony named Sweet Music (a.k.a Swift)
* Having a very playful nature, foals tend to love her, and she loves them.
HappyKittyShop Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
Here's my OC too <33
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